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THE ORIGINAL MYG MEGA-YOU-GROW® mushroom kit grows like magic! The MYG is an easy to use growing system which is famously well known for its amazing results. It has proven itself to be the easiest, most successful and productive mushroom kit on the market. And it is now available to you direct from the inventor and manufacturer’s at the lowest price possible!


IMPORTANT: Mushroom spores not included.
The MYG mushroom growing kit comes with everything else you need to grow beautiful edible, medicinal & exotic mushrooms at home. You simply need to purchase your favorite mushroom spores through a reputable vendor in order to inoculate the MYG grain jars and start the growing process. The MYG MEGA-YOU-GROW® mushroom kit is designed to work seamlessly with premium spore strains offered by SPOREPOD.com, a vendor we trust to provide pure grade mushroom spore syringes and mushroom culture products.


THE MYG MEGA-YOU-GROW® mushroom growing kit allows you to grow a variety of beautiful, organic mushrooms from the comfort of your home. It is ideal for everyone wanting to learn how to grow mushrooms using the mushroom casing method. The MYG mushroom kit teaches you to grow mycelium onto pre sterilized grain, spawn into a bed of pasteurized shredded straw substrate, then case with our special casing soil blend to fruit your mushrooms. The MYG mushroom growing kit has a large fruiting bed that's perfect for growing 3 flushes of organic mushrooms at home. MYG gives you the best results available and works like magic every time! - Guaranteed. Achieve amazing results with little effort and maximum ease!


The MYG Mega-You-Grow™ mushroom kit contains:


1 Growing tray with a plastic dome lid
1 Half gallon jar of pre-sterilized grain for mushroom spawn
1 Burlap sack of shredded straw substrate
1 Bag of mushroom casing soil mix
1 Vial of mushroom casing starter
1 Large mixing bag
1 Plastic spray bottle with watering cap
1 Detailed growing instructions booklet


The MYG mushroom kit offers variety & makes growing beautiful mushrooms at home FAST & EASY. The MYG mushroom kit is designed to grow a variety of edible, medicinal and exotic mushrooms and give you the best results with the least effort. With only a few slight changes in your method, you can grow several mushroom edible strains with the MYG mushroom casing kit. Our detailed instruction book guides you through the process step-by-step. To preview the mushroom growing process, click here to view the online instruction book.


The MYG mushroom kit offers amazing results and a quality guarantee. Our mushroom kit is in high demand because we stand behind our products. You can be confident in your flushes with the MYG mushroom growing system. The MYG mushroom grow kit has a 99% success rate if used with fresh, viable spores. We know that you will have amazing results the first time you use our magic MYG mushroom growing kits - and guarantee that if you don’t achieve success and satisfaction, we will send you a second mushroom kit absolutely free.


Purchase MYG in bulk for reduced price.
We offer bulk deals and discounts when you buy the MYG mushroom growing kit in quantity. You can also modify your MYG order to suit your personal needs. Chose from our single components to upgrade your MYG mushroom kit or create your own mushroom growing systems:Pre-sterilized grain jars, Straw substrate, Casing soil, and Casing starter.









Disclaimer: Please note that the MYG MEGA-YOU-GROW mushroom kits and products are NOT to be used to cultivate Psilocybe cubensis or other psilocybin magic mushrooms. The cultivation of psilocybin magic mushrooms is illegal. MYGTech.com and its parent company do not condone or contribute to the cultivation of psilocybin mushroom species. We are strict with this policy - do not attempt to ask cultivation questions concerning psilocybe mushroom species. Please ensure that you read our full disclaimer before ordering.