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THE MYG MEGA-YOU-GROW® mushroom kit refill allows you to start a fresh mushroom growing project using your existing MYG mushroom kit. Our refill kit provides you with all the mushroom growing components you need to continue producing a variety of beautiful, organic mushrooms from the comfort of your home.

IMPORTANT: Mushroom spores not included. You will need to purchase your favorite mushroom spores or cultures from a reputable vendor. We suggest SPOREPOD.com for a wide selection of pure, premium spore strains, spore and culture syringes.

The MYG Mushroom Refill kit contains:

1 Half gallon jar of pre-sterilized grain for mushroom spawn
1 Burlap sack of shredded straw substrate
1 Bag of mushroom casing soil mix
1 Vial of mushroom casing starter
1 Large mixing bag

Fresh, Pre-sterilized, Convenient and Easy to use.
The MYG refill kit comes with everything you need to keep growing delicious, organic mushrooms. Our refill kits are just as easy to use as the original MYG mushroom kits. With Fresh Substrate, Pre-sterilized Grain, Casing soil and Starter, a refill kit provides you with a fresh supply of all the items needed to start a new mushroom growing project. The MYG refill kit allows you to conveniently extend the life of your MYG mushroom kit components and continue growing your favorite edible and medicinal mushrooms at home!

The MYG mushroom kit refills are guaranteed to produce the same massive results as your original MYG MEGA-YOU-GROW
® mushroom growing kits. Quality and Satisfaction come with every refill. Discover the magic... Learn to grow mushrooms at home!

Purchase in bulk for Reduced Price.
When you buy the MYG refill kits in bulk quantities, we are happy
to provide a discount on your order. When you buy 2 mushroom kit refills, you save money, or purchase 3 refill kits to save even more. For larger quantity orders or wholesale, please contact our Customer Service Representatives, and we will be happy to customize a discount for your needs.









Disclaimer: Please note that the MYG MEGA-YOU-GROW mushroom kits and products are NOT to be used to cultivate Psilocybe cubensis or other psilocybin magic mushrooms. The cultivation of psilocybin magic mushrooms is illegal. MYGTech.com and its parent company do not condone or contribute to the cultivation of psilocybin mushroom species. We are strict with this policy - do not attempt to ask cultivation questions concerning psilocybe mushroom species. Please ensure that you read our full disclaimer before ordering.