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About Us



MYGTECH.COM mycologists have over three decades of experience and expertise in the field of mycology. Specializing in advanced cultivation techniques and industry leading innovations, our team of mycologists have an expansive knowledge base which is applied to the design and invention of our MYG Mega-You-Grow™ mushroom growing kits and products.


The founders of MYGTECH.COM have been offering the number one mushroom growing kits for over 20 years. With the launch of our famous MYG MEGA-YOU-GROW™ mushroom kits in 1997, we became the leading manufacturer on the market. MYGTECH.COM and its parent company remains the leading producer of home growing mushroom kits, with popular products proven to give you amazing results every time. And we stand by our products 100% - The MYG Satisfaction Guarantee ensures your success and allows you to purchase MYG products worry free.


We are dedicated to producing mycology products of the highest quality and are committed to providing great opportunities for mycology education and enjoyment of pure, fresh, organic mushrooms. We are happy to give you the chance to learn the magic of mushroom cultivation from the comfort of your home. We have put 30 years of technically advanced cultivation experience into the development of our mushroom kits to assure you a fun, easy and successful mushroom growing experience.


Designed to put the best of cultivation advances and mycology technology into your hands, MYGTECH.COM offers the MYG mushroom growing kits to provide you with unrivaled ease of use and absolute success in cultivating a wide variety of edible and medicinal mushrooms. We promise Pure, Organic, home-grown mushrooms for your health and enjoyment - everytime.